New Jersey Asbestos Inspection and Testing Service

$195 plus $50 per sample

Mold, Lead, and Asbestos Inspection and Testing Service

All Asbestos Inspections include site visits, report, and recommendations on how to go about handling any hazards from an experienced Asbestos Inspector.

Do you need an Asbestos Inspection?

We will test any property in New Jersey for Asbestos.

Find out if you have asbestos from a Certified Asbestos Inspector. 

Call to immediately speak to an Asbestos Inspector

Instant Service 24 hours a day


Schedule an Asbestos Inspection Instantly

Avoid Expensive Legal Issues
Need an Asbestos Inspector not part of the remediation process? Having the same company that removed your asbestos also inspect for it is known as a conflict of interest. These issues are costly and can be avoided by using a separate Asbestos Testing Company from your Remediation Company. Your Asbestos Inspector cannot be the the same person that will also get rid of the Asbestos.
All it takes is a certified asbestos inspection to detect any asbestos hazards that could be harmful to you and your family. Maybe your buying or selling a house. Whatever the case may be, an asbestos inspector can be on the site immediately. Asbestos testing will only take a few moments and we can get you the test results from the Asbestos test as soon as you need.


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